Laser Certification Classes

comprehensive laser training

Learn about: laser safety, physics & physiology, patient selection, laser, skin rejuvenation, telengectasia treatment, removal of dyschromia, hair removal, fat reduction, and tattoo treatments.

Get hands-on experience with ND:Yag, diode, alexandrite, IPL, LED, erbium, CO2, and more.

Course Curriculum

Offer Your Patients More Services Treatments Care Options

All graduates have a unique opportunity to grow their business at The Aesthetic Institute by using our facilities. You’ll be able to offer more treatment options to your patients in our upscale facilities without any of the overhead expenses that other providers typically have. You run your business and The Aesthetic Institute furnishes everything you need – luxury experience included.

Luxury MedSpa Rooms

Offer more treatment options to your patients in the comfort of The Aesthetic Institute’s luxury rooms. We provide all the necessary tools and equipment needed so that you can grow your business and provide excellent care to your patients. 


Hear from our Graduates

The Aesthetic Institute is amazing. The course was broken down into easy to understand methods and the hands-on approach really is a game changer. I feel like I have the necessary tools to be able to run a successful business now, and the fact that I can use their facilities makes that chance even better.

Lisa Preston

All the instructors are fantastic! I was able to soak up all the information from the didactic training and then to be able to put it into practice in their hands-on trainings was exactly what I needed. The facilities are so "zen" and and I can't wait to treat my patience here. It's an amazing experience from the moment you arrive.

Samantha Moore