Partner Participation

Forging Long Lasting Partnerships

The Aesthetic Institute will have the opportunity to grow regionally and nationally by providing turnkey facilities and curricula. This may be done through wholly owned or partner locations.

Additional promotional and sales opportunities exist for partners because the team of Aesthetic Institute CME’s will be become a uniquely effective distribution channel.

Silver Partnership

Opening Level
  • Partner (includes any Partner branding such as name, logo, and applicable products) posted on TAI's social media pages.
  • Plaque with Partner shown in Building Lobby, Reception and Treatment Rooms.
  • Partner included in training materials.
  • Partner listed on Aesthetic Institute website.

Gold Partnership

Everything in Silver PLUS...
  • Partner reels/stories on TAI's social media pages.
  • Includes 5 sponsored scholarships (50%) based on merit or need ($37,500 value).
  • Partner employees invited to present and demonstrate at quarterly training events.
  • Partner branded marketing materials may be included in swag bags for each student.

Platinum Partnership

Everything in Gold PLUS...
  • 5 sponsored scholarships (100%) based on competition (eg social media, charity drive, etc) ($75,000 value).
  • Partner listed in marketing campaigns.
  • Videos created to co-promote Partner at the Aesthetic Institute.
  • Partner co-branded on Aesthetic Institute brochures.
  • Partner co-branded on social media ads.
  • Partner brand on the Aesthetic Institute building (lobby).
  • Partner brand included in each treatment room.
  • Partner shown as sponsor of Brand Ambassador Program (graduating student wins startup grant of $10,000).