Certified Medical Aesthetician Program

The only program with guaranteed employment

At The Aesthetic Institute we will teach you the secrets to achieving beautiful, natural results used by industry insiders. PLUS, we guarantee employment at The Aesthetic Institute upon successful completion of your training.

You’ll be able to join our staff who have treated some of the biggest names in the arts and entertainment industry, professional athletes, and national beauty pageant contestants.

The Aesthetics Institute heavily invests in cutting-edge technology and stays up on the latest trends in the beauty industry to make sure you are learning the services and skills that make you the most highly competitive you can be in the job market.

We offer a comprehensive list of Advanced Esthetics services taught by expert instructors. No matter your background in aesthetics, we will help you get to the next level in your career.

Advanced Certified Medical Aesthetics Training

Our unique program allows you to complete the first six weeks of the theory and in-class portion of the program with the dedicated support of our Medical Director Adam Summers and Director of Education & Training Debi Williams.


You will then transition into your clinical work in our MedSpa where you’ll be shadowing other providers, assisting in treatments, and getting hands-on experience. Our challenging curriculum will prepare you for a successful career in the Medical Aesthetics industry.


Our curriculum uses only FDA-approved devices and prepares our students to hit the ground running.

Double Your Annual Income

Graduating form The Aesthetic Institute unlocks more earning potential for your future. Certified Medical Aestheticians typically earn twice as much as regular aestheticians.

Average Salary for aestheticians without medical certification
Average Salary for non-certified aestheticians
Average Salary for certified medical aestheticians

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer tours of The Aesthetic Institute?

Prior to any tours of The Aesthetic Institute we like to schedule a 1:1 phone call or a virtual zoom meeting. We use that time to review all the pertinent information with you and answer all your questions. After that if you are interested in scheduling an in person visit we will be happy to provide you with a tour of The Aesthetic Institute. We also plan to organize a few Open House events throughout the year.

How long is the program?

The Certified Medical Aesthetician course was designed to provide an all inclusive education and clinical practice which will be completed within a 3 month time frame.

How much is the tuition for the Certified Medical Aesthetician Program?

The total tuition for the program is currently $15,000.  This is broken down into the following: a $500 Enrollment Fee, a $2,500 Student ‘Kit’ Fee, and the base tuition of $12,000.

Do you really guarantee employment for all graduates?

The short answer is YES! The Aesthetic Institute is the only program that provides you with a complete education, a Medical Aesthetics Certification and then a guaranteed employment opportunity. You’ll be able to use all of our facilities to offer your patients more services and treatment options without any of the typical overhead costs that other providers would incur.

What is the average class size?

We aim to have a class size ranging from 8 – 10 students, believing this is the optimal and most advantageous size for our students.  Our goal is to have appropriately sized classes resulting in more individualized attention, increased participation, and better communication between the instructor(s) and students. 

Can I pick and choose when I want to attend class(es)?

The Certified Medical Aesthetician Program has been meticulously developed by our Medical Director and Educational team to ensure students receive the most comprehensive training on the latest techniques/practices.  You will be able to select which enrollment period you would like to apply to and after you are enrolled you will be informed of your exact start and ending dates. 

If I’ve been working in the industry after graduating from your course and want to ‘freshen up’ on certain things I learned, can I do that?

The Aesthetic Institute is always happy to help our graduating students in any way we can. All graduates will have access to pre-recorded lesson plans and can call to schedule a time to sit in on a class if desired.

What training is provided with this program?

We incorporate both practical as well as theory/lecture from the very first day of class. We believe that it’s essential to be actively involved in your education for better retention of information (engaging of both left and right brain centers), improved attention, teamwork development, and critical thinking skills. The Aesthetic Institute will provide students with real-life experiences and live scenarios designed for active and engaging education. Depending on the program there may be larger portions dedicated to practical/clinical near the end of the program.

What if I need time off, am sick, or have an emergency?

You will be provided with a complete syllabus and timeline of the course including holidays when classes will not be in session. We strongly encourage you to maintain good attendance and really devote yourself to school for the period of time that you are scheduled to be in school, so you get the most out of every day!


Unsatisfactory attendance and academic rates will lead to failing grades and possible expulsion of the course without refund if unsatisfactory attendance problems are in excess. We understand that emergencies and life events do happen and are happy to work with all students to find a solution. We encourage all students to speak with our Clinical and Training Director of Education if you have to miss more than 7 days.

I am very interested, what are the next steps?

If you haven’t completed your application yet, start there.  After your application is complete we will review the information and our Clinical and Training Director of Education (Debi Williams) will reach out to you with the next steps. In order to ensure that the enrollment process is smooth please be sure to provide all information and documents in a timely manner. We are excited to be working with you!

Offer Your Patients More Services Treatments Care Options

All graduates have the unique opportunity to grow their business at The Aesthetic Institute by using our facilities. You’ll be able to offer more treatment options to your patients in our upscale facilities without any of the overhead expenses that other providers typically have. You run your business and The Aesthetic Institute furnishes everything you need – luxury experience included!

Luxury MedSpa Rooms

Offer more treatment options to your patients in the comfort of The Aesthetic Institute’s luxury rooms. We provide all the necessary tools and equipment needed so that you can grow your business and provide excellent care to your patients. 


Hear from our Graduates

The Aesthetic Institute is amazing. The course was broken down into easy to understand methods and the hands-on approach really is a game changer. I feel like I have the necessary tools to be able to run a successful business now, and the fact that I can use their facilities makes that chance even better.

Lisa Preston

All the instructors are fantastic! I was able to soak up all the information from the didactic training and then to be able to put it into practice in their hands-on trainings was exactly what I needed. The facilities are so "zen" and and I can't wait to treat my patience here. It's an amazing experience from the moment you arrive.

Samantha Moore

I enrolled in The Aesthetic Institute Certified Medical Aesthetician Program because I was already a licensed aesthetician and wanted to boost my earning potential. Their guaranteed employment and ability to double my annual income was what really put them way above the others out there. Highly, highly recommend this program for all.

Jazmine Spicer

Very professional, very educational, great training and lovely, vibrant staff. Tuition is reasonably priced and I'm surprised they aren't charging a lot more when they're the only facility around that guarantees employment once you pass the program.

Tasha B.